Who is eligible for grading?

Grading assessments will be available to all students who hold an up to date membership of the JFAUK. 
Please note that with no membership being held by any individual, no grading will be allowed.

Is grading compulsory?

Grading is not compulsory to any student. Unless the student is very clear and feels ready for assessment, the instructor must also support their decision to grade and will recommend that they are ready for examination, or not.

Club Grading up to 1st Kyu

The JFAUK understands the importance and role that the club instructor plays in understanding a student’s development, knowing his/hers ability, capability and disability.  All students are instrumental to their individual journey towards a judo education.
By allowing club registered instructors who are of Dan grade and above to be able to grade up to 1st Kyu Senior brown belt, as well as the full junior grading syllabus, the JFAUK believes that the instructor can provide a purer substance of motivation where the students feels more confident and safe, therefore will be able to perform to his /hers full technical potential. It is recognised that the instructor plays a positive and important role in the mentoring and development of his/her student. He alone will also understand the many complexities of their student’s social background which can play an important role in the student’s behaviour, mental state, which can have an effect on their education. It is the instructor’s responsibility to make sure that students can meet all the required technical and physical requirements imposed by the grading qualification structure.

What is a grading?

A grading is a fundamental principle of assessment of a student’s capability to their knowledge their journey of education is measured gauged and defined, to establish their individual development and achievements. At the same time it provides an open opportunity for the assessor or instructor to expose through the candidate their own teaching implementations and teaching skills.

Why are Gradings  necessary?

In all walks of life and in all stages of development of an individual there are examinations and test to assess the stage of developent achived. A grading is an examination in judo and is a gauge of many of skills. It aims to asses the judoka's level and defines the next level of objective to be achived

Regular examinations stimulate a process of learning for the student and for the instructor; it helps to measure performance of the student in between each grade and the skills they have aquired. It also awards qualifications and a effective platform for success.

Who benefits from a Grading?

The student will benefit from any grading, by establishing recognition on their journey to judo excellence. The student will gain qualification in the different areas of judo structure. The different platforms of success also may indicate years of training recognition, which will provide further authority over others which includes the traditional lining up of grades. Grades separate and define the difference between the novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced and the teacher or master. The different colour of belts will signify this.

A student’s success is the instructor’s success!

A student's failure is the instructor's failure!

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