The formula for success is and can be a simple one. Judo, after all is about learning on and off the mat. In fact, it is a process to 'learn how to learn' more effectively. Judo education, when instructed and understood well, can produce inspirational results in individuals and society at large.

Judo must be seen as an essential path in bridging the gaps in education, heightening sensitivities to cognition, learning, practice and responsible behaviour. 

JFAUK aims to support and promote Judo in a more straightforward way encouraging new and existing clubs to follow innovative and constructive ideas that will help everyone to grow without jeopardising safety or undermining traditional judo. We aim to restore faith and trust providing instructors better access resource in order to further their judo knowledge, and at the same time reinstate their responsibility and authority in the everyday running of their clubs. This includes allowing the right to grade their students up to 1st Kyu brown belt and the full junior grading syllabus.

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